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Like A Prayer [2010] [Hope For Haiti Now]

Music [2008] [Roseland Ballroom]

Give it 2 me [2008] [Roseland Ballroom]

Hung Up [2008] [Roseland Ballroom]

4 Minutes [2008] [Roseland Ballroom]

Miles Away [2008] [Roseland Ballroom]

Candy Shop [2008] [Roseland Ballroom]

Hung Up [2007] [Live Earth]

La Isla Bonita [2007] [Live Earth]

Ray of Light [2007] [Live Earth]

Hey You [2007] [Live Earth]

Hung Up [2006] [Grmmy Awards]

Hung Up [2005] [Wetten Dass]

Get Together [2005] [Star Academy]

Hung Up [2005] [SmapxSmap]

Hung Up [2005] [Star Academy]

Hung Up [2005] [MTV Europe Music Awards]

I love New York [[2005] [Live @ Koko Club

Everybody [2005] [Live @ Koko Club]

Get Together [2005] [Live @ Koko Club]

Let It Will Be [2005] [Live @ Koko Club]

Music [2005] [Live 8]

Ray of Light [2005] [Live 8]

Like a Prayer [2005] [Live 8]

Live a Virgin/Hollywood [2003] [MTV VMA]

Hollywood & Like a virgin [2003] [Tower Records]

Hollywood [2003] [Top of the Pops]

Hollywood [2003] [RTL]

Don't Tell Me [2003] [Friday Night with Jonathan Ross]

Hollywood [2003] [Friday Night with Jonathan Ross]

American Life [2003] [Friday Night with Jonathan Ross]

Mother and Father [2003] [NBC]

Like a Prayer [2003] [HMV]

Mother and Father [2003] [HMV]

X-Static Process [2003] [HMV]

Nothing Fails [2003] [HMV]

Hollywood [2003] [HMV]

American Life 2003] [HMV]

Nothing Fails [2003] [MTV]

American Life [2003] [MTV]

Like a Prayer [2003] [MTV]

Music [2000] [MTV EMA]

Music [2001] [Grammy Awards]

Don't Tell Me [2000] [Top of the Pops]

Don't Tell Me [2000] [Wetten Dass]

Music [2000] [Canal + TV Show]

Don't Tell Me [2000] [Canal + TV Show]

Runaway Lover [2000] [Brixton Academy]

What It Feels Like For A Girl [2000] [Brixton Academy]

Impressive Instatnt [2000] [Brixton Academy]

Holiday [2000] [Brixton Academy]

Don't tell me [2000] [Live at Letterman]

Don't tell me [2000]

Don't Tell Me [2000] [Brixton Academy]

Music [2000] [Brixton Academy]

Nothing Really Matters [1999] [Grammy Awards]

The Power Of Good-Bye [1999]

Power of Goodbye [1999] [VH1]

Substitute For Love [1999] [TF1]

The Power Of Goodbye [1998] [Top of the Pops]

Power Of Good Bye [1999] [MTV VMA]

Shanti Ashtangi & Ray Of Light [1998] [MTV VMA]

Little Star [1998] [Oprah Winfrey Show]

Frozen [1998] [BBC Lottery Show]

Frozen [1998] [Rosie O`Donnel show]

Frozen [1998] [Sanremo]

Frozen [1998]

Frozen [1998] [Hey Music Awards]

You Must Love Me [1997] [Oscars]

Bedtime Story [1995] [Brit Awards]

You'll See [1995] [Top of the Pops]

Take a Bow [1995] [American Music Awards]

Bad Girl [1993] [SNL]

Fever [1993] [SNL]

Lady is a Tramp [1993][Arsenio Hall show]

Fever [1993][Arsenio Hall show]

Sooner or Later [1991] [Oscars]

Vogue [1990] [MTV VMA]

Love Makes The World Go Round [1985] [Live AID]

Holiday [1985] [Live AID]

Into the Groove [1985] [Live AID]

Like A Virgin [1984] [Top of the Pops]

Holiday [1983]