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Madonna i Maluma w The Rolling Stone

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Tribute to Michael Jackson [Sticky & Sweet Tour]

You Must Love Me [Sticky & Sweet Tour]

Die Another Day [Sticky & Sweet Tour]

Candy Shop [Sticky & Sweet Promo Tour]

Get Stupid [2009] [Sticky & Sweet Tour]

Get Stupid [Sticky & Sweet Tour]

Get Stupid Backdrop (Unreleased Concept Version by Steven Klein)

Here comes the rain again [Sticky & Sweet Tour]

She's Not Me [Sticky & Sweet Tour]

Miles Away [Sticky & Sweet Tour]

Into The Groove [Sticky & Sweet Tour]

Impressive Instant [Sticky & Sweet Tour]

Beat Goes On ]Sticky & Sweet Tour]

Music [Sticky & Sweet Tour]

Give it 2 me [Sticky & Sweet Tour]

Like a Prayer [Sticky & Sweet Tour]

Spanish Lesson (Alternative Backdrop) [Sticky & Sweet Tour]

Spanish Lesson [Sticky & Sweet Tour]

Vogue/4 Minutes [Sticky & Sweet Tour]

Vogue [Unreleased] [Sticky & Sweet Tour]

Human Nature [Sticky & Sweet Tour]

Borderline [Sticky & Sweet Tour]

Candy [Sticky & Sweet Tour]|

Candy Shop [Sticky & Sweet Tour]

Sweet Machine [Sticky & Sweet Tour]

Music [Hard Candy Promo Tour Backdrop]

Miles Away [Hard Candy Promo Tour Backdrop]

Hung Up [Confessions Tour]

Lucky Star [Confessions Tour]

I Love New York [Confessions Tour

Like It Or Not - Confessions Tour Backdrop

Disco Inferno [Confessions Tour Backdrop]

Future Lovers (Unseen/Raw Backdrop Footage)(Pt. 1) [Confessions Tour]

Future Lovers (Unseen/Raw Backdrop Footage)(Pt. 2) [Confessions Tour]

Future Lovers (Unseen/Raw Backdrop Footage)(Pt. 3) [Confessions Tour]

Future Lovers (Unseen/Raw Backdrop Footage)(Pt. 4) [Confessions Tour]

Future Lovers [Confessions Tour]

Ray Of Light [Confessions Tour]

Forbidden Love [Confessions Tour]

Let it Will Be [Confessions Tour]

Sorry [Confessions Tour]

Get Together [Confessions Tour]

Get Together [Confessions Tour]

Everybody [Confessions Promo Tour]

Everybody [Coco Club]

Holiday [Re-Invention Tour]

The Beast Within [Re-Invention Tour]

Vogue - Miss Jones [Re-Invention Tour]

Vogue Test Panels [Re-Invention Tour]

Vogue Rehearsal Outtakes [Re-Invention Tour]

Vogue Backdrop Segment - Glass Box [Re-Invention Tour]

Vogue Backdrop Segment - Butterfly [Re-Invention Tour]

Vogue [Re-Invention Tour]

Vogue - Black Angel [Re-Invention Tour]

Bedtime Stories [Re-Invention Tour]

Lament [Re-Invention Tour]

Like a Prayer [Re-Invention Tour]

Nothing Fails [Re-Invention Tour]

Mother and Father[Re-Invention Tour]

Into the Groove [Re-Invention Tour]

Hollywood [Re-Invention Tour]

Music [Re-Invention Tour]

Die Another Day [Re-Invention Tour]

Nobody Knows Me [Re-Invention Tour]

Lament [Re-Invention Tour]

Frozen [Re-Invention Tour]

Sky Fits Heaven [Drowned World Tour]

Mer girl [Drowned World Tour]

Paradise (Not for Me) [Drowned World Tour] [Outtakes]

Paradise [Drowned World Tour]

Ray Of Light [Drowned World Tour]

Frozen [Drowned World Tour]

What It Feels Like for A Girl [Drowned World Tour]

Secret [Drowned World Tour]

Music [Drowned World Tour]

Runaway Lover [Music Promo Tour Backdrop]