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Angels with dirty faces - LAP demo
Dodane przez: Angelus
źródło: instagram: PatrickLeonard
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Patrick Leonard co rusz przypomina o swoim istnieniu i współpracy z Madonną. Są to nagrania instrumentalne, nuty, covery utworów stworzonych z Madonną.

Ostatnio także informacje o demo. Leonard opublikował także fragment Angels with dirty faces, demo które nie dotarło na album Like a Prayer

Here's a tiny instrumental clip from the Angels with Dirty Faces demo. More 80's it could not be. #madonnademo

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Name that tune? I'm digging though these old charts. Figure you all want to see them. #mypleasure

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Supernatural. Original chart. Sometimes there's hardly anything on the page. #collaboration #madonna

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Thought I'd better break down the cassette before somebody losses their mind. They're first day versions. So the day we wrote it. They have a lead vocal and some backgrounds. We worked from these versions and they became the records. The titles you recognize are what they say they are. Not produced. Without live players and strings and choirs etc. "Angels" is a song called Angels with dirty faces. It's complete. And was never released. Good too. LIttle Girl is Promise to Try. Piano vocal like the record but not that version. Out of Time is Till Death do us Part. Boss's Nova is a Latin feel idea that never got there. No vocal. Just an idea. 20's jazz, the same, as is Mid Tempo. Sparks that made no fire. It happens. Side two of the tape is blank so #11, 12 and dance don't exist. I can NOT release or put up snippets. I'd be drawn and quartered. Maybe I'll try and organize some kind of private listening. It would have to be in space so let's hit up Elon Musk. Wish I could release it all because I know how happy it would make you all. But, I can not. Respectfully. PL

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