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Album: MDNA

I Don't Give A

Autor: Madonna, Martin Solveig, Nicki Minaj, Julien Jabre

I don't give a, a, a, a, a
I don't give a, a, a, a, a
I don't give a, a, a, a, a
I don't give a, a, a, a, a

Wake up ex-wife, this is your life
Children on your own, turning on the telephone
Messages, manager, no time for a manicure
Working out, shake my ass, I know how to multitask

Connecting to the wifi, went from nerd to superb
Have you seen the new guy, I forgot the password
Gotta call the babysitter, tweetin' on the elevator
I could take a helicopter, I don't even feel the pressure


I'm gonna be okay
I don't care what the people say
I'm gonna be alright
Gonna live fast and I'm gonna live right
I'm moving fast can you follow my tracks
I'm moving fast and I like it like that
I do ten things all at once
And if you have a problem, I don't give a

You were so mad at me, who's got custody
Lawyers, suck it up, didn't have a pre-nup
Make a film, write a song, gotta get my stockings on
Meet the press, buy the dress, all of this to impress

Ride my horse, break some bones, take it down a semi-tone
I forgot to say my prayers, baby jesus on the stairs
Gotta sign the contract, gotta get my money back
All the bodies have to go, standing in the front row


I tried to be a good girl, I tried to be your wife
Diminish myself and I swallowed my light
I tried to become all that you expect of me
And if it was a failure, I don't give a

I don't give a, a, a, a, a
I don't give a, a, a, a, a
I don't give a, a, a, a, a
I don't give a

(Spoken by Nicki Minaj:)

Shots fired
Anything you hear, Nicki on that's fire
You don't hear them hums doin' nothing', that's fire
Tell 'em catch fire
In the Bugatti, ten grand one tire
Ayyo Madonna, may I say you original Don Dada
In the yellow gabbana
Immaterial girls, they nobody hotter
Cops color
See I really can't relate to your Volvo
And you can't get these shoes at the Aldo
When I let a dude go, that's his loss
I was cutting them checks, I was his boss
Yo, I don't give an F you, curse nor bless you
Never let 'em stress you
Yo, I ain't a business woman
I'm a businesswoman
And I'm known for giving bitches the business, woman


(Spoken by Nicki Minaj:)

There's only one queen
And that's Madonna

I don't give a, a, a, a
I don't give a, a, a, a