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Album: MDNA [bonus]

Best Friend

Autor: Madonna, Alle Benassi, Benny Benassi

I miss your brain, the way you think
But I don't miss the way you used to drink
I miss our talks, the universal law
You had a way of seeing through my flaws

It's so confusing, I thought I met my match
An intellectual with talent, what a catch
You always said we'd be better off as friends
It was inevitable that it would end


Your picture's off my wall
But I'm still waiting for your call
And every man that walks through that door
Will be compared to you forever more


Still I have no regrets
'Cause I survived the biggest test
I cannot lie and I won't pretend
But I feel like I lost my very best friend

I miss the countryside where we used to lay
The smell of roses on a lovely summer day
You made me laugh, you had a clever wit
I miss the good times, I don't miss all of it

You wrote me poetry, you had a way with words
You said you wanted more than just a pretty girl
Maybe I challenged you a little bit too much
We couldn't have two drivers on the clutch

(chorus, replacing "Still" with "Yet")

It's so sad that it had to end
I lost my very best friend [lost my very best friend]
Not gonna candy coat it and I don't want to pretend

I put away your letters, saved the best ones that I had
It wasn't always perfect but it wasn't always bad

(chorus, replacing "Still" with "Yet", "cannot" with "will not", and "won't" with "can't")

It's so sad that it had to end